Storytelling isn't complicated, its honest documentation.

Its your wedding day, you're probably going to feel nervous, there will be chaotic energy, there will be wild parties, there will be clam moments, there will be new beginnings - embrace it all, feel it. Don't turn your wedding day into a photoshoot - just trust the process and lets create art!!

Pricing starts at $4000

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Family sessions are an absolute treat, these are the images that you and your family will look back on - reminisce, laugh, shed a tear and feel connected to those who truly belong to you! Be yourself through out the entire session, be it at home, or in studio - my approach remains simple!

Each session comes with 10 8x10 prints for your wall or coffee table!


FINE-ART portraiture

Portraiture is about celebrating you, your achievements, your imperfections! These portrait sessions are far from traditional sessions - they are an experience! Each image is exposed on large sheets of film and different mediums one of them is X-ray film ( yup the stuff they use for your bones), regular panchromatic film and so much more). End results are either Darkroom hand made prints or inkjet prints for large sizes!

Its a session meant for everyone, artists, family, or maybe you're curious about the process - reach out and lets create!


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